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2018 G310R Exhaust Gasoline Sensor Query

What an attention-grabbing problem you are endeavor. I hope it really works out. S/ JerryG

Sadly, your O2 sensor wiring has 4 wires whereas mine has 5 wires.

Nevertheless, I discovered an image of the connector for a G310GS 4-wire O2 sensor on-line; it is the second image under.

1) Is that this sensor the unique half for this bike?
A: Sure. It is the identical as my first pic under. You’ll be able to test this additional by cleansing the barrel of your sensor and searching for the next:
On sensor, on the barrel above the nut, I’ve the next: “8393888-03”, “NTK JAPAN”, and “ZU3”
On sensor, on barrel under the crimp at wire finish of the sensor, I’ve the next: “12EC”
Alternatively, yours might need completely different writing if the O2 sensor is older than mine; which is probably going since I’ve fireplace wires to your 4.

2) If that’s the case which coloration wire from sensor ought to hook up with which numbered gap within the bike’s plug and the way?
A1: Order of colours: See the second image I’ve connected. To me, it appears to be like like Black, Gray, White, and White, however be sure to have the proper aspect of the connector dealing with you so you do not reverse the order.
A2: How: Push every of the 4 pins you present in one in all your footage into your O2 sensor aspect connector. The inexperienced triple flange on every wire types a water tight seal and facilities the pin within the gap. When inserted accurately, it’s best to be capable to look into the top of the connector and see the 4 pins. Once you join the O2 sensor aspect connector to the bike aspect connector, the pins ought to totally hook up with the wiring harness.

3) Engine begins and runs. Will the engine be broken by working with the sensor disconnected or simply some efficiency points?
A: I am not a mechanic, however my understanding is that (1) it will not injury the engine; and (2) the engine will not run as effectively as a result of the Engine Management Module will not have the readings from the disconnected O2 sensor to assist it alter the fuel-air combination going into the engine. It’s best to double test this with a mechanic. If nobody on this discussion board chimes in to verify or deny this, we must always transfer this dialogue to the Tech Session on the g310rforum.com (hyperlink under). There are folks there who’re mechanics or no less than way more so than I’m.

4) I’ve recovered the core of the unique exhaust system and put in it. All shielding and trim has been stripped off by thief.
A: There would not appear to be a query right here. Semi-related: I eliminated my OEM exhaust two yr’s in the past when my bike had simply 4 miles on it. I’ve watched so many of those languish whereas listed on the market that I’ve concluded there isn’t any marketplace for promoting them. So, I’ve mine listed for Free $0 (you pay delivery) on the hyperlink under.




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