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Acronyms utilized in Aston Martin Workshop Manuals – Aston 1936

Official Workshop Handbook

If somebody requested you to verify if the BCM is speaking to the CEM over the CAN, would you suppose to verify it with the AMDS?  Uh – are you able to repeat that in English please!   The official Aston Martin Workshop handbook is bristling with Acronyms, and realizing what they imply will make taking good care of your Aston go loads simpler.

Not too long ago Dean Bufton posted what seems to be like an insider information to know all of the jargon over on the Aston Martin DIY (All Fashions) Fb group [thanks Dean!]. I’ve pinched it and reformatted it a bit right here for all of us to share.   [If someone knows the original source of the document I’d be happy to credit it here – just leave me a comment down below]

If you’re into DIY to your Aston, you may need to be part of this Fb group.  It’s very lively and I be taught a nugget or two from it every week.  Click on right here and ask to Be part of the Group if you happen to aren’t already a member.

Should you haven’t downloaded your personal official copy of the Aston Martin Workshop handbook to your automotive, please try my article on how one can get one.

Now on with the TLA’s (three letter acronyms) …

Acronym That means
+ve Optimistic (for instance Battery Optimistic)
-ve Detrimental (for instance Battery Detrimental)
ABS Anti-lock Braking System
A/C Air Conditioning
ACCR Air Conditioning Clutch Request
ACCS Air Conditioning Clutch Sign
ADM Adaptive Damping Module
ALR Computerized Locking Retractor
ALT Alternator
AMDS Aston Martin Diagnostic System
ARS Airbag Restraint System
ASM Auto Shift Mode
AUU Auxiliary USB Unit
AUX Auxiliary
BATT Battery
BCM Brake Management Module
BDS Battery Disconnect Change
BNTSW Bonnet Change
BOO Brake On/Off
BPM Bluetooth Cellphone Module
BPM Physique Processor Module
BPS Brake Strain Sensor
BRK Brake
BT Boot Harness
BUZ Buzzer
CAN Controller Space Community
CAN VENT Canister Vent
CCM Carbon Ceramic Matrix
CCM Centre Console Module
CCM Local weather Management Administration
CEM Central Digital Module
CFC Chlorofluorocarbon
CHMSL Central Excessive-Mounted Cease Lamp
CLTP Clutch Place
CLTS Clutch Sensor
CLTSPD Clutch Pace (Gearbox Enter Pace)
CMS Catalyst Monitor Sensor
CTANKRQ Crank Request
CTO Clear Tachometer Output
CRM Convertible Roof Module
DDM Driver’s Door Module
DI Direct Indicator
DIAG Diagnostic
DIM Driver Data Module
DPFE Differential Strain Suggestions
DSC Dynamic Stability Management
DTC Diagnostic Hassle Code
DTC Dynamic Traction Management
ECL Digital Column Lock
ECM Digital Management Module
ECU Digital Management Unit
ECU Emotion Management Unit
EDF Electro Drive Fan
EGR Exhaust Fuel Recirculation
ELR Emergency Locking Retractor
ESCL Digital Steering Column Lock
EVAP Evaporator
EVFRRIZ Electro Valve Frizzione (Clutch Valve)
EVR Electrical Vacuum Regulator
F/BACK Suggestions
FC Fascia Harness
FEPS Flash EPROM Energy Provide
FPDM Gasoline Pump Diagnostic Monitor
FPM Gasoline Pump Module
FPM Gasoline Pump Monitor
FW Ahead Harness
GND Floor
GPID Gear Place Indicator Show
GPS International Positioning System
GSL Gear Selector
HEGO Heated Exhaust Fuel Oxygen Sensor
HID Excessive Depth Discharge
HLM Headlamp Levelling Module
HMSL Excessive-Mounted Cease Lamp
HRW Heated Rear Window
HVAC Heating, Air flow and Air Conditioning
HYDPMP Hydraulic Pump
HYDPRES Hydraulic Strain
IAM Built-in Audio Module
ICE In Automotive Leisure
ICM Ignition Management Module
ICM Infotainment Management Module
IGN Ignition
IONIDM Ionization Detection Module
IP Instrument Panel
I/P Enter
IPATS Built-in Passive Anti-Theft System
ISO Worldwide Requirements Group
ISW Inertia Change
IVD Interactive Car Dynamics
KAPOWER Preserve Alive Energy
LED Mild Emitting Diode
LF Left Entrance
LH Left Hand
LHD Left-Hand Drive
MAF Mass Air Circulation
MFD Misfire Detection
MFDM Misfire Detection Module
MFP Modulated Gasoline Pump
ML/KLM Miles/Kilometers
MMM Multi Media Module
MMM+ Multi Media Module Plus
MOST Media Oriented System Transport
NAV Navigation
OBD On Board Diagnostics
OBD II On Board Diagnostics II
ODO Odometer
O/P Output
OSS Output Pace Sensor
PAM Parking Assist Module
PAS Energy Assisted Steering
PAT Passive Anti-Theft
PATS Passive Anti-Theft System
PCM Powertrain Management Module
PCV Optimistic Crankcase Air flow
PDI Pre-Supply Inspection
PDM Passenger Door Module
PHM Cellphone Module
PPS Pedal Place Sensor
PRE_TEN Pre-tensioner
PRV Strain Reduction Valve
PSM Energy Steering Module
PTEC Energy Practice Digital Controller
PWGND Energy Floor
RCM Restraint Management Module
RH Proper Hand
RHD Proper-Hand Drive
RKE Distant Keyless Entry
ROPS Roll Over Safety System
ROT Restore Operation Time
ROV Rollover Vent
ROW Remainder of World
RSE Rear Seat Leisure
RX Obtain
SAS Steering Angle Sensor
SC Steering Column Harness
SCP Service Communications Protocol
SIG Sign
SLM Safety Locking Module
SMM Choose Shift Mode
SRO Service Restore Operation
SRS Supplementary Restraint System
TACHIN Tachometer In
TCM Transmission Management Module
TCU Transmission Management Unit
TMC Tandem Grasp Cylinder
TMC Site visitors Message Channel
TP Throttle Place
TPM Tire Strain Module
TPMS Tire Strain Monitoring System
TPS Throttle Place Sensor
TVM Whole Car Upkeep
TX Transmit
VAPS Variable Help Energy Steering
WDS Worldwide Diagnostic System
VMV Vapor Administration Valve
VPR Vapor Restoration
VREF Voltage Reference
VSS Car Pace Sensor
VVT Variable Valve Timing
YAW Yaw fee sensor


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