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Paint Codes for 150 Colours

In a transfer to raise exclusivity of their new tremendous sedan, BMW has introduced that as much as 150 particular colours will probably be accessible for the 2025 BMW M5 G90 technology. These various paint choices are already showcased on the devoted BMW Particular person Visualizer web site, permitting potential patrons to discover the myriad potentialities for his or her new M5.

The colour palette ranges from basic and understated shades like white and black to extra vibrant and attention-grabbing hues corresponding to inexperienced and orange. Moreover, BMW affords quite a lot of finishes, together with strong, metallic, and Frozen colours with a matte end. Every automotive featured on the visualizer is supplied with the optionally available carbon fiber roof.

150 Colours For The 2025 BMW M5

Among the standout colours within the in depth listing embrace iconic paints like British Racing Inexperienced, Laguna Seca Blue, Hearth Orange, Dakar Yellow and Techno Violet. For these looking for one thing actually distinctive, choices like Chalk and Nardo Gray,  Rosso Corsa, Ruby Star, Imola Purple and extra. The BMW Particular person Visualizer not solely shows the names of those colours but additionally gives their inner codenames, making it simpler for fanatics to specify their preferences precisely.

Within the US, clients can select from one strong coloration and ten metallic choices, together with Isle of Man Inexperienced and Marina Bay Blue. For these feeling adventurous, Frozen Deep Gray with a matte end can be accessible. However after all, should you’re paying $120,675 for the brand new BMW M5, would possibly as properly spend the additional {dollars} for some uniqe colours.

To simplify your decisions, we’ve organized all the colour codes into easy-to-read tables, sorted by main coloration teams. Every desk features a direct hyperlink to the BMW Particular person web page, permitting you to view the brand new 2025 BMW M5 in your chosen coloration.

Black Colours Paint Code
Gray Black Uni P60
Citrin Black Metallic C49
Cosmos Black Metallic 303
Nero Fuoco Metallic U86
Crystal Casserit Black Metallic W03
Jerez Black Metallic A73
Enigmatic Black Metallic C3Y
Ruby Black Metallic X03
Frozen Black Metallic U91

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Blue Colours Paint Code
Borusan Turkish Blue P9E
Miami Blue Uni P5W
Riviera Blue Uni P5C
Voodoo Blue Uni P7L
Santorin Blue II Uni 327
Daytona Seaside Blue Uni P8W
Pure Blue Uni W87
Violet Blue II Uni P6F
Maritime Blue Uni P7P
Barcelona Blue Metallic C38
Blue Bay Lagoon Metallic C5L
Laguna Seca Blue Uni 448
Misano Blue Metallic C1D
Gentian Blue Uni W37
Saphire Blue II Metallic P83
Interlagos Blue Metallic A30
Phytonic Blue Metallic C1M
Sonic Pace Blue Metallic C1A
Blue Hera Mica Metallic P5R
Velvet Blue Metallic 379
Le Mans Blue Metallic 381
San Marino Blue Metallic B51
Portimao Blue Metallic C31
Metropolitan Blue Metallic R36
Aegean Blue Metallic 336
Petrol Mica Metallic P9M
Centennial Blue Metallic P6Y
Avus Blue Metallic 276
Tanzanite Blue II Metallic C3Z
Mauritius Blue Metallic 287
Arctic Race Blue Metallic C4F
Orinoco Pearl Impact Metallic 406
Night time Blue Metallic 453
Black Blue Uni W32
Blue Onyx Metallic S11
Midnight Blue Metallic B38
Midnight Sapphire II Metallic R71
Techno Violet Metallic 299

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Purple Colours Paint Code
Damast Purple Metallic B03
Mahagoni II Metallic P7U
Burgund Purple Pearl Metallic P78
Madeira Purple Metallic R20
Frozen Preciosa Purple Metallic P9C
Aventurin Purple III Metallic C57
Piemont Purple Metallic C3C
Ruby Purple II Pearl Impact Metallic S03
Wildberry Metallic T09
Barbera Purple Metallic A39
Indianapolis Purple Metallic A31
Ruby Star (NEO) Uni P9L
Cinabar Uni 138
St James Purple W65
Imola Purple II Uni 405
Gentle Purple Uni 314
Rosso Corsa Uni P7K
Melbourne Purple Metallic A75
Hearth Purple II Uni 375

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Brown Colours Paint Code
Sepia Brown II Metallic P7Y
Liquid Copper P8T
Sepang Bronze Metallic A32
Pyrite Brown Metallic II P86
Macadamia Metallic U80
Mocca Brown Metallic 891
Jatoba Metallic B65
Glowing Brown Metallic B53

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Orange Colours Paint Code
Sakhir Orange III Metallic P93
Fireorange III Uni P7E

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Yellow Colours Paint Code
Atacama Yellow II Uni B21
Pace Yellow Uni U96
Dakar Yellow II Uni 337
Sao Paulo Yellow Uni C4H
Neon Yellow Uni 427

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Inexperienced Colours Paint Code
Birch Inexperienced Uni P72
Brass Metallic 621
Manhattan Metallic C3D
City Inexperienced II Uni P9P
Darkish Emerald Metallic R94
Brewster Inexperienced Uni T42
Deep Inexperienced Metallic A43
British Racing Inexperienced Uni 312
Malachite Inexperienced II P85
Goodwood Inexperienced Pearl Impact Metallic W67
Agave Uni 071
Peridot Inexperienced Metallic W81
Oxford Inexperienced II Metallic 430
Malachite Inexperienced Darkish Metallic S10
Boston Inexperienced Metallic 275
Smyrna Inexperienced Uni S0A
Verde British Racing Uni P6E
Irish Inexperienced Uni P7G
Anglesey Inexperienced Metallic P9R
Sanremo Inexperienced Metallic C4E
Verdant Inexperienced Pearl Metallic P75
Laguna Inexperienced Metallic 266
Monteverde Metallic R9D
Java Inexperienced II Metallic P7V
Frozen Tampa Bay Inexperienced Metallic P9B
Sign Inexperienced Uni P56
Verde Mantis Uni P5N
Fame Inexperienced Metallic L38
Mint Inexperienced Uni W97

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White Colours Paint Code
Mineral White Metallic A96
Sign White Uni P9Z

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Gray Colours Paint Code
Chalk Uni P7B
Oxid Gray Metallic C4A
Trend Gray Uni P6H
Stone Gray Uni P81
Nardo Gray Uni P6K
House Silver Metallic C67
Lime Rock Gray Metallic C39
Dravit Gray Metallic C36
Berninagrau Bernsteineffekt Metallic C3E
Thunder Metallic P6L
Glowing Copper Gray Metallic C55
Grigio Telesto Pearl Impact Metallic P6M
Skyscraper Gray Metallic C4W
Platinum Bronze Metallic A53
Stratus Gray Metallic 440
Gunmetal II Metallic W24
Anthracite Metallic 397
Anthracite III Metallic P82
Manufacturers Hatch Gray Metallic C17
Glowing Graphite Metallic A22
Atlas Gray Metallic P8Y
Lava Gray Metallic P08
Singapore Gray II Metallic P94

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