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Stage 2+ K04 solely getting 15-19psi of increase – @ROH ECHT | VW Vortex

Hello guys,

I’ve a MK5 GTI w/a CTS k04 turbo and unitronic stage2+ tune. A number of months in the past my turbine housing cracked on my CTS K04 Turbo so I ended up buying an OEM k04-064 (53049880064) turbo. For the reason that CTS turbo appeared to be nice apart from the plain crack within the housing, I ended up combining the turbine housing from the OEM turbo and slapped it onto the CTS turbo together with the wastegate rod. I additionally wished to retain the DV location on the CTS turbo. I’ve a Forge BOV fyi.

View attachment 405993

Ever since I put in the turbine and wastegate rod onto the CTS turbo, I’ve by no means seen the 22psi of increase I used to peak at. I used to peak 22 and maintain round 18 in nearly each gear, however now I am barely seeing peak of 14/15psi and holding at round 11. As we speak, I went to take a look at my N75 valve and observed one of many nipples broke, so I ended up changing it and observed my increase went as much as peaking round 18/19 in fifth/Sixth gear however would keep round 14/15psi from 2nd-4th gear. The bizarre factor is I by no means received a code for the n75 nipple breaking, as I am undecided precisely when it occurred both.

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After putting in the brand new N75 i went to drive and do some logs and observed some fascinating issues. It appears like throughout WOT from 4-Sixth gear, I’m seeing a distinction of 5.91bar of gas strain. I used to be capable of log increase strain with the outcomes under. I’ve a catch can and did a carbon cleansing again in January and I changed the cam follower about 2 weeks in the past. I’ve additionally changed and tried a brand new MAF and that did not repair something. I have never tried a brand new MAP although…
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One other factor I observed is that my increase gauge appears to run below -20hg at idle. I used to at all times sit proper at -20 however this has additionally been the identical because the set up. I do know the increase gauge is not faulty as a result of I examined one other increase gauge and received the very same readings.

View attachment 405997

…..the LAST and last factor I observed & that is the place it will get bizarre and hopefully somebody might help me pinpoint this challenge is after I was getting back from a San Fran journey in the future, I used to be going from 1st to 2nd and ended up doing a pull and realized I had over 20psi of increase. I ended up freaking out after I noticed that cuz it had been ceaselessly since I noticed that and did a WOT pull from 2nd-4th and maintained the 22/18psi I used to get. After I parked the automobile, I scanned the codes and realized I had a fault. I mistakenly cleared the code (it was one thing to do with the wastegate, I simply can’t for the lifetime of me keep in mind precisely which code it was) and after I cleared the code my increase went again right down to 14/15psi peak. that code has solely appeared as soon as and after i cleared it, by no means got here again sadly.

i plan to drag the consumption and clear the injectors and get a smoke take a look at, however can anybody consider any concepts from what I’ve listed right here?




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