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Underboost and wealthy situation | VW Vortex

Hello there! I’ve lately bought a Beetle Turbo S with the AWP 1.8T engine. 174k miles. The automotive has a scorching air consumption and a excessive stream cat+3 inch catback. I swapped in a inventory ECU after I purchased the automotive. (It is from eBay I don’t know if it has been messed with)

Been driving it daily and put about 500 miles on it to this point. Automobile drove like **** once I acquired it, hadn’t been pushed a lot for years. Throttlebody adaptation and changing the cam place sensor mounted a lot of the extra critical points.

Generally, the automotive drives nice and feels fast sufficient for being a beetle. My enhance gauge reads 10-11psi max, and VCDS reads about 1750mb. I am up in Colorado.

Nonetheless, generally the automotive simply will not go, sometimes from 3-4k rpm in any gear I will have little to no energy, or I will really be slowing down on the gasoline. Often if I let off the gasoline and get again on it is positive and carries on as common. This could occur on a regular basis on a drive, or in no way for a couple of days. Enhance stays on throughout this.. the one factor I have been capable of monitor is throughout this decreased energy state of affairs, my lambda goes from being at -25% on a regular basis and shoots as much as 0% and the O2 sensor sticks at 0.2 volts (that is block 033). The automotive behaves like this each on my ebay ECU and my APR stage 1 ECU, however the one knowledge from the APR one which I’ve confirmed is that the partial lambda is -23% after 50-100 miles.

I am confused, is not AWP enhance speculated to be round 10-11psi inventory? The ECU is specifying 2000mb however I by no means go above 1750, even when my N75 valve is disconnected from the wastegate. My wastegate arm has zero play. Additionally, why is my lambda all the time -25%.. numerous dialogue on lean situations however not a lot on wealthy situations. I would assume that underboost means much less air so wealthy situation… But when 11psi is inventory then undecided what the difficulty is.

I reside in an condominium and I am nonetheless constructing my software assortment, so I am very towards shopping for a rattling smoke machine.. positive I will order one tonight. I’ve mounted a pair vaccum/enhance leaks from pressurizing traces with a tire inflator, however it doesn’t matter what I do I can not get your entire consumption to carry any stress.. in all probability as a result of I am utilizing a tire inflator.

I additionally hold getting a P0332 code, nevertheless I can not pin down why. Does this imply my sensor is unhealthy or that the automotive detects knock? Throughout my no energy state of affairs VCDS did not report any timing change, and the code would not come up after a pull with no energy.

P0299 (underboost) [always and comes back right after driving]
P0332 (Knock sensor 2 circuit low enter) [I see it sometimes]
P1166 (Bank1 combination adaptation vary 2 wealthy exceeded) [usually don’t see it because I’m clearing codes all the time]

What ought to I test subsequent?



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